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The Product Launch Formula

The Product Launch Formula

If you have any interest in successful marketing, publishing and or entrepreneurship, we HIGHLY recommend Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula Training! Over the past 15 years, the cofounders of this Collaborative Publishing, Marketing and Training have invested thousands of hours in high-value training and over $100,000 collectively. Product Launch Formula is one of the absolute best investments I have ever made, and because I purchased the full PLF Course, a couple of years ago, I have also been able to attend Jeff’s live three-day intensive training on how to maximize your ultimate success, fully utilizing the tested and proven Formula. To learn more about the limited opportunity to have access to details about the course, please Click Here to watch the free video training and register.  

This is the highest-value set of free videos I’ve seen in a very long time (possibly ever), and they don’t even require an opt-in or cost you a dime. But they all add up to well over an hour of training that will show you how to put together a super-powerful product launch.  Go watch right now at www.ultimatelaunchtraining.com— they won’t be up there for long.

Please Note: This is an affiliate link, which means that if you end up purchasing Jeff’s program after you benefit from his free workshop, we might receive a commission at no extra cost to you. We are promoting Jeff’s FREE workshop and program because it has helped us and we believe it can help you spread your message too. 

Charles Betterton, Cofounder of CINBC and the University for Successful Living.

P.S. I’m sure Jeff would love for you to buy his full-blown course, but these videos are free – and they really show you how to structure your product or business launch.

Bublish  Crowdfunding Campaign - Collaborative Infopreneurship

Bublish Crowdfunding Campaign


As a Community Economic Development specialist helping share innovative strategies for entrepreneurial success, especially in publishing, training and marketing, I am a huge fan of collaboration and the new equity crowdfunding platforms such as StartEngine. I recently received an invitation from Kathy Meis, founder of Bublish (the publishing platform with built-in marketing, branding and discoverability features) to invest in an offering from her company for as little as $247. I was happy to be able to buy shares in her company and deeply grateful for the example she is setting. https://www.startengine.com/bublish-inc

We are exploring using a similar strategy as we discern the most appropriate ways to launch our Collaborative Infopreneurship Network Benefit Corporation. One of our 101 forthcoming titles, What GOOD Would You Do With A Million Dollars?, will help introduce the JOBS Act that authorized these unprecedented new investment opportunities and the new Benefit Corporation model. Even if you decide an equity investment isn’t right for you, you just might find value in the services available from Bublish. They offer a free trial and if you do decide to join at www.bublish.com, you could save $10 on the annual membership of $99 if you use the Coupon Code INFORENEURSHIP19.

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Speaker Fulfillment Services

“Discover the Inside Secrets to Information Marketing Success by Avoiding the 50 Biggest Mistakes Information Marketers Make”

From: Bret Ridgway
Re: The 50 Biggest Mistakes Information Marketers Make

Ultimate Author Tool Kit

The Ultimate Author Tool Kits include just about every useful tool kit for publishing, marketing, distributing, launching, managing and monetizing your digital and print masterpieces! Highly Recommended Resources!

From: Bret Ridgway
Re: The 50 Biggest Mistakes Information Marketers Make

Ultimate Book Design Templates

Now you can quickly and easily create beautiful books right in Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, or Adobe InDesign. Pre-designed templates will make your book stand out, without all of those newbie mistakes.

Ultimate Writing and Publishing Training

Finally! A PROVEN Step-by-Step System for Taking What You Already Know, Using Skills You Already Possess, to Write a Book and Get it Published.

By Bryan Tracy

Top Expert Input and Support

We are inviting all of them and hundreds of other leading edge authors, trainers, consultants including the 101 individuals honored with the Ultimate Destiny Hall of Fame Award to participate in the Collaborative Network and let us share their resources with members in mutually beneficial ways.

Louise Hay

Les Brown

Jack Canfield

Robert G. Allen

Paul J Meyer

Mark Victor Hansen

Rick Frishman

Steve Harrison

Jim Rohn

Brian Tracy

Arielle Ford

Tom Antion

T Harv Eker

Peggy McColl

John Kremer

Loral Langemeier

Kathleen Gage

David Riklan

Daniell Hall

Armand Morin

Cofounder Charles Betterton with key connections

The cofounders of the Collaborative have invested thousands of hours and over $100,000 attending training and acquiring hardware, software and strategic alliances in every aspect of Infopreneurship. For example, Charles Betterton participated in the Best Seller Blueprint training with Jack Canfield produced by Steve Harrison. Jack was 1 of the initial 50 experts recognized for the Ultimate Destiny Hall of Fame Award.

Charles created the innovative and collaborative  CAN DO! Resource Center and Speakers Bureau model when he produced the Community Unity Celebration with Dr. Norman Vincent Peale and Les Brown. The other award-winning major Community Empowerment events featured Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Mark Victor Hansen, Bonnie St. John and other recipients of the Ultimate Destiny Hall of Fame Award.

Charles and Robert Allen, a leading Infopreneurship expert, at Bob’s Multiple Streams of Internet Millions. The image is of an example of the Strategic Marketing Matrix Charles developed to help anyone be able to present, illustrate and demonstrate the implementation strategy for any program, product or service. Several examples and a PDF of the blank template is available for free at the website above.

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