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As Community Economic Development specialists, we believe this is the most favorable time in the history of the USA for collaboration, for making a difference, helping solve social, economic and environmental challenges, manifest responsible Steward-HeirShip™ of wealth, and leaving a legacy of empowerment and enlightenment!

Based on our research, training, and experience, we believe Infopreneurship (an expansion and evolution of entrepreneurship and micro-enterprise development) is one of the most significant Ultimate Successful Living Skills for the 21st Century. We agree with best-selling author Robert Allen that Infopreneurship represents one of the best strategies for helping foster innovation, creative thinking, and creation of valuable intellectual properties (books, E-books, digital content, seminars, workshops, new programs, products, and services)

Many areas of collaboration are possible. We are outlining some of them below.

Infopreneurship 101

Infopreneurship University 101 presents a vision and Strategic Implementation Matrix™ for helping you discover how to “harness the ultimate power of the Internet.” After years of research and development and study, we have determined that Infopreneurship is one of the most essential “Successful Living Skills for the 21st Century.“

The contents of the publication will include information on ways to generate income from producing intellectual properties such as books, Ebooks, audio-video content, home study programs, online courses, webinars, teleseminars. It will feature resources from some of the initial 50 recipients of the Ultimate Destiny Hall of Fame Award such as Les Brown, Robert Allen, Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor, Loral Langemeier, Mark Victor Hansen, and many others.

Infopreneurship University 101 plan to help introduce the unprecedented opportunities available through the Benefit Corporation model, Equity crowd financing, Infopreneurship and the field of Community Economic Development that includes Self-help, Empowerment, and Capacity-building.

We will utilize several forthcoming publications and programs to help launch the public awareness campaign and attract cofounders.


“What good would you do with a million dollars a year” is one of the first 21 publications we plan to publish, market and distribute through the Collaborative Infopreneurship Network.

Chapters include:

Community Economic Development; Benefit Corporations; B Corps; CrowdFunding; Equity CrowdFinancing; the JOBS Act; Collaborative Enterprises; Social Entrepreneurship; Cocreative Visioning and Strategic Planning; Success Stories; and Featured Resources.

We are seeking

additional coauthors, featured resource providers, book shepherding services, strategic alliance partners, web development and design, social media management, affiliate management, development and marketing of seminars, webinars, online training and consulting services based on the contents.


We are inviting individuals and organizations interested in developing a collaborative response to the 100 million dollar MacArthur Foundation Request For Proposals to solve critical problems to collaborate in a campaign for Expanding the Circle of Success.

That will include our project to establish a network of Community Economic Development Resource Centers to help introduce the unique resources available for innovation, collaboration, job creation and sustainability through the Benefit Corporation model and forthcoming Equity Crowd Financing provisions of the US JOBS Act.

As CED specialists dedicated to helping manifest Bucky Fuller’s vision of “Betterment for 100% of humanity,” we appreciate the MacArthur Foundation’s initiative on solving major critical PROBLEMS.

Their multiyear initiative reinforces our ongoing campaign to EXPAND THE CIRCLE OF SUCCESS and generate greater individual and collective capacities to find SOLUTIONS to those critical problems!

While we are inviting a collaborative approach to answering the macro question, What Critical Problems Could We Solve Together With $100 Million, we also focus on two related micro-initiatives that will help generate expanded individual, organizational and community capacities for Solving Life’s Ultimate Success Puzzles.

Book Shepherding

One of the main reasons we have established the Collaborative Infopreneurship Network Benefit Corporation is because we already have a least 101 publications in various stages of completion. We will market them as well as our programs based on the content primarily through our cause-oriented Benefit Corporations and affiliated non-profit organizations. Rather than enter into a contract with a traditional publisher, we prefer to use our publications to launch a new more innovative, cocreative and collaborative publishing model utilizing the book shepherding services of Collaborative Infopreneurship.

Here are the first 14 stand-alone titles related to Solving Life’s Ultimate Success Puzzles that we are inviting Cofounders, “Members” and Featured Resource Providers of the Collaborative Infopreneurship Network to help us publish on Create Space, Kindle, Apple, and every other digital platform by providing Book Shepherding services.

Strategic Design and Development of Hundreds of Web Sites

We are also seeking “Mutually Beneficial Collaboration” for the strategic design of hundreds of websites and mini-websites for our organizations, publications, and programs. Rather than the traditional vendor-client relationships, we are seeking Cofounders, “Members” and Featured Resource Providers of the Collaborative Infopreneurship Network who will provide your services at least partly in exchange for shares in the Company and Revenue Participation Arrangements.

We have identified two web development projects:

Creating a universe of mini-websites as an open-source, non-profit University for Successful Living that will include 12 Colleges for Successful Living, and

Developing 101 mini-websites for our Ultimate Destiny Hall of Fame Award recipients as we include their programs, products, and services in our Featured Resources.

We appreciate your interest and support

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