Collaborative Infopreneurship Network

What If You Could Be a Cofounder and Part Owner of a Cause-Oriented Publishing, Training and Marketing Company Somewhat Similar to Hay House?

Collaborative Infopreneurship Network

We Invite Your Participation in the Network to Publish, Market and Acquire Meaningful Resources for the Betterment of 100% of Humanity.

Collaborative Infopreneurship Network

Collaborate – Be the light that others can come to with their ideas, visions, and dreams. Never doubt that blending your talents with those of others can change the world.

Collaborative Infopreneurship Network

Participation IN the Collaborative Infopreneurship Network Provides Access to some of the world’s best resource providers IN every facet of Publishing, Producing, Marketing and Distributing!

Collaborative Infopreneurship Network

Join Us!

You Are Welcome.

Our Invitation

The Collaborative Publishing and Marketing Company named CINBC (Collaborative Infopreneurship Network Benefit Corporation) is Sedona based and established by individuals, cause-oriented, purpose-driven companies and affiliated nonprofit organizations. We are inviting additional cofounders, strategic alliance partners, resource providers, revenue share partners, sponsors and potential equity investors to join with us as co-creators, coproducers, and collaborators.

Our Key Question to You

What If You Could Be a Cofounder and Part Owner of a Cause-Oriented Publishing, Training and Marketing Company Somewhat Similar to Hay House?

Like Hay House

CINBC will publish, produce, market and distribute print and digital publications as well as audio-video applications, seminars, webinars, online classes, significant events and provide membership options and affiliate income opportunities.

CINBC will also offer training sessions and other resources for writing, publishing, producing content and programs, marketing and distribution. In addition, CINBC will offer coaching, mentoring, and consulting services and license content for use by trained facilitators (especially through an international network of local sponsor organizations).

CINBC has a lead associated 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, the University for Successful Living which will also facilitate the establishment of local Centers for Successful Living around the world and certify Successful Living Coaches and Empower Mentors.

Unlike Hay House

CINBC will allocate a percentage of the co-founders’ shares to affiliated nonprofits, AND it will offer additional shares (and income generating opportunities) to cofounding individuals, organizations and companies, strategic alliance partners and joint venture partners.

And finally, HAY HOUSE will be among the hundreds (if not thousands) of individuals, nonprofits and companies we will include as Featured Resources in our programs and publications in mutually beneficial ways including being compensated through affiliate positions, etc

Shared Vision of the Cofounders

The shared vision of cofounders is to provide expanded access to state-of-the-art resources for Infopreneurship or “information marketing.”

That will include, but not exclusively:

  • print and digital publishing,
  • online training platforms,
  • seminars and workshops,
  • program and product development,
  • evergreen webinars,
  • strategic alliances,
  • joint ventures,
  • marketing and distribution.

Our Intentions

Collaborative Infopreneurship Network

Our intentions are to:

  • Demonstrate cocreative collaborative enterprises;
  • Incorporate the principles and practices of Community Economic Development which include Self-help, Empowerment, and Capacity-building;
  • Harness and demonstrate the power of the Benefit Corporation model;
  • Help evidence the value of Crowd Funding and Crowd Financing provisions of the JOBS Act.

We resonate with Buckminster (Bucky) Fuller’s vision of “Betterment for 100% of humanity” and seek to help Expand the Circle of Success by providing greater access to resources that help generate enhanced individual and collective capacities to address social, economic and environmental challenges.

We believe this is the most fertile time in the history of the United States of America to collaborate, make a difference, help solve social, economic and environmental challenges, manifest responsible StewardHeirShip™ over wealth, and leave a rich legacy of empowerment and enlightenment!

Expanding the Circle of Success Campaign - Collaborative Infopreneurship

Coming Soon

The Collaborative Infopreneurship Network is partnering with Ultimate Destinyland™ Benefit Corporation and its affiliated non-profit University for Successful Living to demonstrate collaborative publishing and marketing by publishing their initial 14 titles for Solving Life’s Ultimate Success Puzzles shown below.

Bundle Offer - Collaborative Infopreneurship
Solving Life's Ultimate Success Puzzles - Collaborative Infopreneurship
Fulfilling Your Ultimate Destiny - Collaborative Infopreneurship
Realizing Your Ultimate Potential - Collaborative infopreneurship
Fulfilling Your Mission or Life Purpose - Collaborative Infopreneurship
Creating Financial Freedom and Prosperity - Collaborative Infopreneurship
Creating Empowering Loving Relationships - Collaborative Infopreneurship
Enjoying Ultimate Health and Well-Being - Collaborative Infopreneurship
Achieving Business & Career Success - Collaborative Infopreneurship
Harnessing Your Creative Mind Power - Collaborative Infopreneurship
Raising Your Consciousness Level - Collaborative Infopreneurship
Living in Peace, Joy and Balance - Collaborative Infopreneurship
Attaining Spiritual Enlightenment - Collaborative Infopreneurship
Making a Difference & Leaving a Legacy - Collaborative Infopreneurship
Fostering Conscious Sustainable Living - Collaborative Infopreneurship
Charter Membership - Collaborative Infopreneurship
University for Succesful Living - Collaborative Infopreneurship

Expanding the circle of success, education and empowerment!

You will find further details on the publications and on the role of the University in sponsoring and developing programs to provide broader access to the content of those publications.

Visit Acres of Diamonds in the Rough

Acres of Diamonds in the Rough - Collaborative Infopreneurship

Invitation to Help Develop, Market and Ensure the Success of Publications, Programs, and Cause-Oriented Enterprises Established To Help Individuals, Organizations, and Communities Actualize More of Their Potential and Fulfill Their Ultimate Destiny

This portal introduces a Strategic Marketecture of several non-profit organizations, affiliated cause-oriented companies and some of 101+- publications and programs in various stages of completion. You are warmly invited to visit it.

Our Current Featured Resources

The Product Launch Formula

The Product Launch Formula

If you have any interest in successful marketing, publishing and or entrepreneurship, we HIGHLY recommend Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula Training! Over the past 15 years, the cofounders of this Collaborative Publishing, Marketing and Training have invested thousands of hours in high-value training and over $100,000 collectively. Product Launch Formula is one of the absolute best investments I have ever made, and because I purchased the full PLF Course, a couple of years ago, I have also been able to attend Jeff’s live three-day intensive training on how to maximize your ultimate success, fully utilizing the tested and proven Formula. To learn more about the limited opportunity to have access to details about the course, please Click Here to watch the free video training and register.  

This is the highest-value set of free videos I’ve seen in a very long time (possibly ever), and they don’t even require an opt-in or cost you a dime. But they all add up to well over an hour of training that will show you how to put together a super-powerful product launch.  Go watch right now at— they won’t be up there for long.

Please Note: This is an affiliate link, which means that if you end up purchasing Jeff’s program after you benefit from his free workshop, we might receive a commission at no extra cost to you. We are promoting Jeff’s FREE workshop and program because it has helped us and we believe it can help you spread your message too. 

Charles Betterton, Cofounder of CINBC and the University for Successful Living.

P.S. I’m sure Jeff would love for you to buy his full-blown course, but these videos are free – and they really show you how to structure your product or business launch.

Bublish  Crowdfunding Campaign - Collaborative Infopreneurship

Bublish Crowdfunding Campaign


As a Community Economic Development specialist helping share innovative strategies for entrepreneurial success, especially in publishing, training and marketing, I am a huge fan of collaboration and the new equity crowdfunding platforms such as StartEngine. I recently received an invitation from Kathy Meis, founder of Bublish (the publishing platform with built-in marketing, branding and discoverability features) to invest in an offering from her company for as little as $247. I was happy to be able to buy shares in her company and deeply grateful for the example she is setting.

We are exploring using a similar strategy as we discern the most appropriate ways to launch our Collaborative Infopreneurship Network Benefit Corporation. One of our 101 forthcoming titles, What GOOD Would You Do With A Million Dollars?, will help introduce the JOBS Act that authorized these unprecedented new investment opportunities and the new Benefit Corporation model. Even if you decide an equity investment isn’t right for you, you just might find value in the services available from Bublish. They offer a free trial and if you do decide to join at, you could save $10 on the annual membership of $99 if you use the Coupon Code INFORENEURSHIP19.

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We can be contacted at the following postal address:

Collaborative Infopreneurship Network Benefit Corporation, Inc.

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Tel.: +1 928-554-5940

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